Powerful and Reliable Equipment.
We service you with newly introduced state-of-the-art Rush-Overland frac fluid super heaters, supported by a fleet of rugged, dependable, late model 367 Peterbilt trucks that demonstrate our commitment to quality, reliability, and productivity. Our superior 40 MBTU units are equipped with the latest generation heat exchanger LPG vaporizers which allow for a more effective heat transfer to the frac fluid, thus reducing the time to complete the job. GD Energy is ready to serve your frac fluid heating needs safely, efficiently, and in the most cost effective manner available in the industry.

Preventive Maintenance Keeps our Equipment and Operations in Top Running Condition.
Our equipment is serviced by specialized mechanics with mandatory periodic inspections to help prevent equipment failures from occurring while in the field. On each unit there is a backup inventory of spare parts carried to each site for emergency repairs.